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Pumas attends China Mission with IE Singapore

Pumas attends China Mission with IE Singapore

China is for many years a strong growing market and its manufacturing sector is adapting the concept of Smart Factory and IIoT rapidly. IE Singapore which is the government agency under Ministry of Trade and Industry to promote international trade and partners Singapore companies to go global has organized an “Industry 4.0 East-West China Missions” during 4-10 June 2017. Its objective is to share the knowledge and innovations from the Singaporean solution providers and manufacturers with China companies and to strengthen our network with future customers in China’s East-West region.

In line with the solutions business strategy of Pumas Automation & Robotics, we attended the mission to develop new businesses and partners in that region of China.

The mission went to Shanghai, Suzhou, Chengdu and Chongqing. We visited manufacturers from various industry sectors in these cities: food, packaging, aerospace, electronics, semiconductor, automotive etc. We also attended networking sessions with representatives from the government, business and academia of Singapore and China to exchange on the topic of Smart Factory of the Future in a digital world.

The manufacturers and local officials gave us insight into their automation roadmaps and development plans in new industrial areas in Chengdu and Chongqing. We definitely felt the fast development pace in these cities. We also saw opportunities in certain sectors where the manufacturers need to improve their productivity and digital processes. Our local China offices will follow up on these opportunities to widen our presence in these areas.

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