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Flexible Automation System: Your Solution Partner

WHAT is the reason for downtime? WHEN is the batch of products ready? WHY is production behind the target? WHAT is the quality of the products?

These are the daily questions you have as the responsible for Production, Maintenance and Quality.

As a one-stop-shop solution partner, we develop, implement and support solutions that will offer you real-time information and answers to the questions above. We are specialized in Smart Factory/ IIoT solutions to help you to achieve their goals.

Our solutions will make you able to Collect data from the production line, Visualize the information real-time from factory floor till management board. You will be able to Analyse the relevant data and accelerate in decision-making to Improve your efficiency.

We offer the following Solutions:

Click Solutions if you like to know more about our solutions.

If you’d like to learn HOW our solutions can help you as a manufacturer, please contact:

Flexible Automation System Sdn Bhd
Name:  Pang Ching Kok
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mobile:  +60 13 286 6615
Tel: (60) 3 5633 1280