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How to reduce Safety Risks and Production Losses


As a Manufacturer, you see more and more automation is available to facilitate your production. One of the advantages is the reduction of labour cost. But also, other factors are important to consider.

The human cognitive limitations can be a critical factor in the processing of data. This can lead to economic & quality losses, safety risks and operational inefficiency of the production process. This in combination with the increase of the number of connected devices, volumes of data and the complexity of the automation in the production process we can give the following the conclusion:

Your production staff needs to process a larger amount of data in a shorter timeline.


At this moment 100% decision-making without human intervention is for most of the manufacturers still a concept. When you relay on production staff it is important to facilitate them with proper Human Machine Interface (HMI). Visualize the data in small chunks of real-time information and in the right context. The method Situational Awareness can help with you with the design of the monitoring & control systems.

The parts of the process where the safety risk is high and the ‘processing speed’ of human can have a negative impact on the environment and operational efficiency it is highly recommended to let automation take control.


Flexible Automation System is able to design the solution Process Monitoring & Control system in such a way that the data will be presented as information to give answers to your production staff questions, like:

  • What data do I see? 
  • What does this information mean?
  • What will happen next?
  • What do I need to do? TAKE ACTION!


The solution Process Monitoring & Control is based on industrial software: Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) and able to Collect the data from the production line and to Visualize the real-time information in small chunks and in context easy to digest. You can Control the process automatically where necessary.

The solution Process Monitoring & Control provides:

  • Collection and central storage of production data 
  • Processing and monitoring of real-time information
  • Remote and centralized control of the production process
  • Open interface with third party systems & ERP
  • Open interface with different communication protocols
  • Reports, Dashboard & Analyzing tools


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