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Robot Creates Safer Workplace

One of our clients is a famous manufacturer in electronics with a worldwide presence. Goals are to optimize the soldering process from manual to automated process. In the current process, the wires are soldered onto the PCB board by operators.

The client wants to offer a safer environment for his operators and want to increase the throughput and quality of the production process at the same time. The use of the robotics solution makes the client able to re-deploy his staff for other production activities.


Our client started to research what are the latest innovations and technology. The FAS solution team offers consultation to translate the customer requirements into the solution and selected the latest technology that is able to integrate with the current production process. After onsite survey and testing, the solutions matched the requirements and the client authorized FAS to implement the solution.

The FAS solution team unburden the customer by consultation and will take responsibility for the overall project implementation. The planning for the project execution is in close cooperation with the customer project team to avoid any possibility of disturbing the production process. After the implementation FAS will provide training for the operators and maintenance engineers for optimum performance.


The robot soldering unit will be a flexible unit to integrate along the human workers and the other production activities. The combination of high speed and precision robot and machine vision will make the soldering unit an intelligent concept that will make the life of the Production Manager easier.


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