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Production Performance Management

Production Performance Management

As a Manufacturer, you can see that the competition is growing every day. You need to secure your position by improving the operational efficiency, shorten the time-to-market and optimize the cost.

Before you know HOW to improve you need to understand:

  • WHAT are the Production Losses?
  • WHAT are the causes of Production Losses in manufacturing?

The Production Performance Manager will provide real-time production performance monitoring based on OEE & ANDON principles. The day-to-day production performance will help your company improve continuously. You gather and present information quick and easy. With this real-time information, your organization will benefit and is able to improve 360 degrees.

Production Performance Manager is one of our solutions and provides:

Collect    : Extract & store the relevant production data
Visualize : Real-time shop floor information for direct troubleshooting 
Analyse  : Provides tools & report dashboards for direct insight 
Improve : Production, maintenance & quality can act based on facts & figures


  • Reduce the Production Losses
  • Makes production process transparent 
  • Improve your productivity
  • Collect automatically reliable real-time production information


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